Meet The Team

Our commitment to the Yarmouth School District is driven by the dedicated teams and volunteers. Since inception in 2010, the Yarmouth Education Foundation raises money and awards grants for educational opportunities. These grants directly impact Yarmouth students in a positive and engaging way.

Many people give of their time and expertise to support the goals of this organization. We are fortunate to have the leadership and dedication of talented volunteers committed to our community and schools.

Executive Committee

Shawna Chigro-Rogers, President

Kate Shub, Vice President

Holly Ferguson, Treasurer

Jennifer Lenardson, Secretary

Gabe Weiss, Immediate Past President

Board of Directors

Newell Augur

Rachel Gitelson

Katie Leinwand

Ehren Morse

Debbie Robichaud

Meg Swift

Seth Webber


Rhonda Senger

Kristina Keaney

Bill Hagedorn

Lynne Gawtry

Jeanne Rapone

Gary Bergeron

Committee Chairs

Marketing Co-Chairs:
Kate Shub &
Katherine Gallant

Grant Advisory
Committee Chair:
Bill Hagedorn

Corporate &
Fundraising Chair
Ehren Morse

Governance Chair:
Jennifer Lenardson

Finance Chair:
Holly Ferguson


School Liaisons:

~Rowe/YES:  Bonnie Johnson Barry

~ HMS:  Seth Webber

~ YHS:  Rhonda Senger

Donor Database Administrator:  Kelly Anderson


A message from our founder, Rhonda Senger:

In the fall of 2010,  five parents and I gathered together who shared a similar philosophy about the community and education. Together we wanted to ensure our children would continue to get the best education available and that Yarmouth would remain one of the top school districts in the state and nation. With federal and state funding on the decline,  an alternative, complementary source of funding was necessary to keep up with emerging educational needs. The time was right to create an education foundation, similar to many other school districts here in Maine and around the country, dedicated to providing support for innovative educational programs in Yarmouth schools. The mission of the organization is the same today as it was in 2010; we focus on funding new initiatives and pilot programs that fall outside the school budget.