Current Grants

Announcing our Spring 2017 Grant Winners!

Pedal for Brain Power in Health SciencePedal for Brain Power

Harrison Middle School

Educators at Harrison Middle School are looking forward to improving student wellness with the addition of desk cycles. These quiet cycles will be placed under student desks in Health Science classroom. Students will be able to pedal while learning, and the goal is to increase the time students are physically active in a regular classroom environment. We know physical activity is beneficial for physical health, but it also boosts brain function including cognition, mood, and behavior. All middle school students will have the opportunity to use these innovative desk cycles when in Mrs.  Lambert’s class.


Printmaking Press for the YHS Art Studio

Yarmouth High School

A printmaking press is coming to Yarmouth High School. Art teachers are excited to increase student knowledge and understanding of a process that has been used around the world for hundreds of years. Students will carve a surface, cover it with ink and paper, and then roll it through the press to make copies of their work. Printmaking forces students to think differently as most everything that is printed must be thought out in reverse. The process takes great patience, and this tabletop press will be used at YHS for countless years to come.

Printing Press at YHS