Current Grants

Announcing our Fall 2017 Grant Winners!


Programming and Engineering with KIBOKibo Grant - Yarmouth Education Foundation

Rowe School

Grant applicants: Cathy Wolinsky, Amy Finnen and Terry Lincoln

This robotics grant will impact every student at Rowe School. KIBO robot kits are designed specifically for younger learners and will be placed in every kindergarten and first grade classroom in Yarmouth. KIBO robot pieces look and feel like old fashion building blocks. The materials are sturdy, and they work together in an endless variety of ways. Children build their own robot with these materials, program their robot to do what they want, and then students even get to decorate their machines. This decoration piece is unique and exciting because these robots appeal to students with interest in technology, but they also appeal to creative students who are more interested in the arts. These KIBO robots also give students a break from screen time, as they are programmed with their hands, and not using a computer or tablet.


Mobilize the Salmon Hatchery

Yarmouth Elementary School

Grant applicants: Gabe Gordon, Deborah Landry and Kate ParkinSalmon Hatchery Cart Grant - Yarmouth Education Foundation

YEF funded the salmon hatchery at the Yarmouth Elementary School in 2015, and we are thrilled to make an exciting upgrade to this grant. The salmon hatchery is now an important part of the fourth grade life science curriculum, and this latest grant will provide a steel service cart to move the 200-pound hatchery from classroom to classroom, reaching more students at YES. Fourth grade students have been able to observe the Atlantic salmon life cycle from start to finish, but now all YES students will have a better opportunity to observe, learn, and ask questions about this important life science lesson. The fourth grade team of teachers is excited that their own students will be able to spend more time with the hatchery, now that classes don’t have to travel to one fixed location to work on the project.


SeaPerch Grant - Yarmouth Education FoundationSeaPerch Underwater Robotics

Harrison Middle School

Grant applicant: Bob Gross

SeaPerch is an innovative underwater robotics program sponsored by the U.S. Office of Naval Research, and it is coming to Harrison Middle School. This grant will equip teachers and students with the resources they need to build their own underwater robots. This is a new approach to robotics that will have students learning how water can impact technology and design. Students will build these robots from a special kit, using engineering and science concepts, along with a marine biology component. The SeaPerch program is a fun, hands-on challenge that involves working with a team. Each team will end this robotics unit with an underwater launch at a local pool, in the ocean, a pond, or large water tank. YHS engineering students have had great success with SeaPerch, and YEF is excited to bring this program to the middle school.



Harrison Middle SchoolCubelets Grant - Yarmouth Education Foundation

Grant applicants: Morgan Cuthbert, Tate Gale and Janice Medenica

Seventh grade teachers are excited to bring the new technology of Cubelets to Yarmouth. Cubelets are pre-programmed robot blocks that inspire children to become better thinkers. There are seventeen types of Cubelets and each has a special skill. Cubelets can act like a flashlight, work as a knob, control temperature, or operate like a battery, just to name a few! When the Cubelets are combined, the robot-building possibilities are endless. Cubelets will help teach young learners a new way to code, and it will also help teachers introduce the important systems model of science. This groundbreaking technology will get students excited to dig into the seventh grade science curriculum.


Julius Caesar Director's Lab Grant - Yarmouth Education FoundationJulius Caesar Director’s Lab

Yarmouth High School

Grant applicants: Laura Esty and Karin Walsh

This grant will impact every freshman at Yarmouth High School. Portland Stage Company is bringing its professional actors, directors, and educators to YHS to perform Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar for the freshman class. It will not only be exciting for students to see a live performance of a play they’ve read and studied, but this performance will be followed by a series of acting workshops. These workshops will get students on their feet and have them acting out the play themselves, as a way to bring the language and story to life. Having professional actors and theater educators share their expertise will greatly enhance their study of the play. This exciting project will also help students work on their reading, thinking, and public speaking skills.


Celebrating Diversity: American VoicesCelebrating Diversity Grant - Yarmouth Education Foundation

Yarmouth High School

Grant applicants: Marita O’Neill and Jackie Brookes

This grant will help bring history to life for Yarmouth High School students. It will include performances and creative writing workshops by actor and writer David Mills, and they will focus on two important American voices. Juniors and seniors will first see a performance about American poet and social activist Langston Hughes. This play will be followed by an in-class creative writing workshop on Blues Poetry, a genre created by Hughes. This experience coincides with a senior English poetry unit and a junior Harlem Renaissance history unit. The grant does not end here, as it also includes a performance about Dr. Martin Luther King for freshmen and sophomores. It will be timely as the freshmen curriculum includes a section on Americans who are positive agents of change. Sophomores study themes such as social justice and civil rights throughout the year. This performance will also be followed by a writing workshop that explores Dr. King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. Students will write letters about a time they felt silenced or excluded. Teachers believe this grant will help bring these important issues and historical figures to life for all Yarmouth High School students.


Henry IV Grant - Yarmouth Education FoundationHenry IV: A Senior English Production

Yarmouth High School

Grant applicants: Anne Tommaso and CP Senior English Students

Instead of simply reading Henry IV by William Shakespeare, this project asks CP Senior English students to take their learning one large step further. Students will produce, direct, and act out their own interpretation of Henry IV, but that’s not all. They must create and stick to a budget, market the play, design their sets, and make costumes for their performance. Students say it will give many seniors a chance to act in a play who never have before, it will give them a creative break from typical classroom work, it will give them a better understanding of Shakespeare, and it will include important life skills like working with a budget and public speaking. Tickets to this exciting performance will be available to the entire Yarmouth community.