Grant Cycle for Educators


Fall 2017 Grant Applications!

Applications due to Principals:  October 9, 2017


The Yarmouth Education Foundation’s (YEF) mission is to promote and enhance educational excellence by generating independent funding for innovative educational projects, enrichment programs and other creative educational initiatives that fall outside the standard budget and support the curriculum. The Foundation will allocate funds during two grant cycles (fall and spring) each year.   Fall 2017 Grant Application Guidelines are provided.

Download our Grant Application in Word Doc format.

Please read the Grant Application Guidelines & Procedures document for details on mission, process and guidelines found above.

  • Week of September 25th: Principals meet with their school liaison to ensure grant proposals meet the YEF mission.
  • October 9: Grant writers share their application with their Principal.
  • October 9 – 13: Principals review the grants and upon approval will move them into the Submision folder in Google Docs.
  • October 16 – 20: Superintendent reviews the grants.
  • October 23: Grants Chair notifies the Grants Advisory Committee that the grants are ready for review.
  • October 23 – 30: Grants Advisory Committee reviews all the grants.
  • November 1 – 2: Grant Presentation Nights (15 minute presentation: 10 minutes to present, 5 minutes to answer questions)
  • November 13: YEF Board Meeting
  • Week of November 20: Grant winners are announced. Grants Parade goes school to school!

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