Meet The Team

Executive Committee

Katie Leinwand, President

Katie Estabrook,                  Co-Vice President

Joe Walden,                        Co-Vice President

Jill Marsh, Treasurer

Kristina Jenkins, Secretary


Board of Directors

Morgan Cuthbert

Jeremy Fischer

Paul Lattanzi

Ally Olson

Christina Patrick

Kate Shub

Dominique Sommer

Meg Swift

Craig Wolff


Rhonda Senger

Kristina Keaney

Bill Hagedorn

Lynne Gawtry

Jeanne Rapone

Gary Bergeron

School Liaisons

Rowe/YES: Christina Patrick

HMS:  Kate Shub

YHS:  Rhonda Senger

YEF Admin:  Kelly Anderson

Committee Chairs

Marketing Chair:
Kate Shub

Grant Advisory
Committee Chair:
Emily Siegel

Corporate Sponsor Chair:
Joe Walden

Development Chair:
Dominique Sommer

Finance Chair:
Jill Marsh

Blue Jean Ball Co-Chairs:
Katie Estabrook & Rebecca Spear

Blue Jean Ball Host Committee Chair:
Katie Leinwand

Clipper Honors Chair:
Ally Olson

A message from the YEF Board of Directors:

The Yarmouth Education Foundation is thrilled to be celebrating a decade of success! We are proud to have awarded hundreds of grants through the years, impacting thousands of Yarmouth students K-12. We are a group of parent volunteers working hard to raise money to fund innovative projects in Yarmouth schools. We are so grateful for the hard work of Yarmouth educators who make our mission possible. We are also thankful for the dedication of our Founders, who established this great organization in 2010. We look forward to evolving and continuing this great work for decades to come!


A message from our founder, Rhonda Senger:

In the Fall of 2010, a small group of Yarmouth parents gathered together. We shared a similar philosophy about the community and education. Together, we wanted to ensure our children would continue to get the best education available and that Yarmouth would remain one of the top school departments in the state and nation. With federal and state funding on the decline back then, we felt an alternative yet complementary source of funding was necessary to keep up with emerging educational needs. The time was right to create an education foundation, similar to many other school departments here in Maine and around the country, and it would be dedicated to providing support for innovative educational programs in Yarmouth schools.