Written by Allison Flowerdew   If you enter the 7th grade wing at HMS, you will see that the students have turned into kelp farmers!  You won’t find them wearing waterproof bib overalls or wellies to keep their feet dry, but they are experts in kelp production, nonetheless. A couple of Mr. Cuthbert’s students, Read More

Written by Allison Flowerdew   The 7th graders aren’t the only farmers at HMS.  Oh no, the 6th graders are farming, too! I stopped in to visit Mr. Callahan and Ms. Laberge’s classrooms to see what was happening with their Hooked on Aquaponics grant. When Mr. Callahan asked the students to explain how the, Read More

Written by Allison Flowerdew Tim Christensen is back at YHS helping Holly Houston and Marita O’Neill bring their Spring 2018 grant to life! The name of their grant is “Birds to Bivalves,” which has morphed into a project Holly is calling “Paying Attention.” It’s an appropriate name for what the students are doing, because, Read More

Written by Allison Flowerdew The evolution of Mr. Cuthbert’s shellfish nursery is in full swing! For those of you who are wondering how Part 1 ended, you’ll be happy to know the clams were transplanted into Broad Cove. Mission accomplished!! Morgan is now introducing oysters and kelp into the mix. Both oysters and kelp, Read More

Written by Will Lenardson, Class of 2019 – Member of Electric Car Team “The Dirty Dozen”             When we first drove across the raceway in Lime Rock park, I thanked YEF. It was an incredible sight with fast cars shooting down the outside track and a large cluster of, Read More

Contributed by Allison Flowerdew I was back at the Yarmouth Performing Arts Center in March when the Freshman class experienced a rendition of Julius Caesar by four actors from the Portland Stage Company. This was the result of a grant request by Karin Walsh and Laura Esty for the Julius Caesar Director’s Lab, to help, Read More