Written by Allison Flowerdew The evolution of Mr. Cuthbert’s shellfish nursery is in full swing! For those of you who are wondering how Part 1 ended, you’ll be happy to know the clams were transplanted into Broad Cove. Mission accomplished!! Morgan is now introducing oysters and kelp into the mix. Both oysters and kelp, Read More

Written by Will Lenardson, Class of 2019 – Member of Electric Car Team “The Dirty Dozen”             When we first drove across the raceway in Lime Rock park, I thanked YEF. It was an incredible sight with fast cars shooting down the outside track and a large cluster of, Read More

Contributed by Allison Flowerdew I was back at the Yarmouth Performing Arts Center in March when the Freshman class experienced a rendition of Julius Caesar by four actors from the Portland Stage Company. This was the result of a grant request by Karin Walsh and Laura Esty for the Julius Caesar Director’s Lab, to help, Read More

Contributed by Allison Flowerdew I witnessed day one of Marita O’Neill and Jackie Brookes’ grant, Celebrating Diversity: American Voices, in January at YHS. Actor and writer David Mills performed a one man show as Langston Hughes in the Yarmouth Performing Arts Center for the Junior and Senior classes. He started his performance reciting Hughes’s famous poem, Read More

Contributed by Allison Flowerdew                 Part two of the Celebrating Diversity: American Voices grant took place a few days after the Langston Hughes performance when the YPAC was filled to capacity with Freshman, Sophomores and 8th graders. This time, David Mills transformed himself into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Read More

Contributed by Allison Flowerdew I had the pleasure of joining Ms. Finnen’s Kindergarten classroom in January. As soon as I stepped into their classroom, a little boy came right up to me and said, “Thank you for KIBO.” It was so sweet! A few seconds later, a little girl said, “Thank you for KIBO.” My heart, Read More