by Shawna Chigro-Rogers “When I say ‘uku’ you say ‘leles! ‘Uku!’ ‘Leles!’ ‘Uku!’ ‘Leles!’ ” “Ukes” in the classroom. What an incredible addition to the music curriculum. All third and fourth graders used the ukes during music class the last five weeks of school. Mrs. Wetmore’s class welcomed Jake Hoffman from 317 Main for the uke portion of, Read More

YEF salmon hatchery grant

YES Salmon Hatchery Grant Fourth grade students from Yarmouth Elementary School (YES) released 200 eight-week old salmon fry into the Royal River in New Gloucester, many miles upriver from their school. Students studied the endangered Atlantic salmon since their arrival as eggs in early February. The eggs incubated for several weeks in a cold-water fish tank (4ºC or, Read More

by Kate Shub I walk into Yarmouth High School and quickly realize what a big impact the Yarmouth Education Foundation is having on the students and staff here. “You’re here to talk about the YEF?” one student asks. “The YEF is awesome!” she says. Looking around the school brings back fond memories of my, Read More

  by Shawna Chigro-Rogers “Let my people go! O, let my people go!” A young slave, Minty, pushes through the crowd. Desperate as her next of kin are auctioned off. Everyone loves a good story and fourth graders at Yarmouth Elementary school became powerful storytellers, sharing the heroic efforts of a young teenage slave, Harriet, Read More

A lot of kids use digital media in the classroom and at home. At Harrison Middle School, students have made it part of their extracurricular activities, too. The goal of the Digital Media Club is to “mostly just develop some skills around video production, but also to show them it can be fun,” said, Read More

by Shawna Chigro-Rogers You can enjoy a good book,  share it with a friend, and recommend it to a book club. How often can you find an opportunity to read that book with everyone in your school at the same time? Would it be possible to get the author to visit your school to, Read More