Yarmouth Shellfish Nursery A Community Collaboration by Shawna Chigro-Rogers Clamming. It’s the hallmark of Yarmouth, and the Town of Yarmouth has been in the top ten of towns harvesting clams from 2007-2011. However, harvests have greatly decreased: In 2012, 490,000 pounds were harvested in the Town of Yarmouth. 2013 – 441,000 pounds. 2014 –, Read More

by Shawna Chigro-Rogers “When I say ‘uku’ you say ‘leles! ‘Uku!’ ‘Leles!’ ‘Uku!’ ‘Leles!’ ” “Ukes” in the classroom. What an incredible addition to the music curriculum. All third and fourth graders used the ukes during music class the last five weeks of school. Mrs. Wetmore’s class welcomed Jake Hoffman from 317 Main for the uke portion of, Read More

by Kate Shub I walk into Yarmouth High School and quickly realize what a big impact the Yarmouth Education Foundation is having on the students and staff here. “You’re here to talk about the YEF?” one student asks. “The YEF is awesome!” she says. Looking around the school brings back fond memories of my, Read More