Get Involved

Yarmouth Education Foundation values our community and our schools.  Because of the dedicated professionals who devote countless hours to the mission, we are able to support programs in science, math, and the arts.  We are looking for people with a passion for education willing devote their time, whether it’s one project or on a committee.

We welcome involvement from parents, alumni, residents and students to make the Yarmouth Education Foundation a success. There are a number of ways you can give back to your community by volunteering with YEF.


YEF Committees

The gift of your time and talent is greatly appreciated!



Community Connections

One of the goals of Yarmouth Education Foundation is to develop a long-term relationship between the community and the schools.  We’ve made strides towards that goal this year by patterning with several different organizations and community members on various initiatives.

Lindquist Funeral Home

In early May, Lindquist Funeral Home held a mystery theatre dinner at their location on Portland Street as a community outreach program. Zelda & Zoe’s Spirits of Suspicion was performed by Mystery for Hire. The night was a huge success and Lindquist gave a $500 donation to YEF from the proceeds of the event.


Another partnership was developed with YCAN, a non-profit group that connects people to resources in Yarmouth. A grant was awarded last fall at the high school called “The Nutrition Closet.” The grant was geared to help bridge the gap for Yarmouth High School students who are food insecure on the weekends. YEF provided the initial funding to get the program up and running and now will be transitioned to YCAN.

YHS Community Park

A new park has been born at the corner of Yarmouth High School and West Elm Street. A community member, Mary Webber, who is an avid gardener, teamed up with Yarmouth Community Services and an advisory group at YHS to create another beautiful spot for families to enjoy. YEF provided the tools and some of the plants, YCS provided the bench along with a tree, and Mary gave a great deal of her time and talent. The YHS advisory group members, led by Mrs. Kahan, are currently the park stewards. They take great pride in their accomplishment.


Local Connections

Fundraising can be done many different ways! Funds have been raised by the traditional means of personal contributions and corporate sponsorships, but there have been some community members who have thought outside the box about ways to give to YEF. Karen & Peter Glass, owners of Budget Blinds, have continued a program where they give 5% of all sales to YEF. One family held a yard sale and gave the proceeds to YEF. New customers that open an account at Bath Savings in Yarmouth can designate a $25 donation to a non-profit. YEF has raised $2,000 from this local banking program.