The Yarmouth Education Foundation’s (YEF) mission is to promote and enhance educational excellence by generating independent funding for innovative educational projects, enrichment programs and other creative educational initiatives that fall outside the standard budget and support the curriculum. The Foundation will allocate funds during two grant cycles (fall and spring) each year.

YEF has awarded more than $500,000 in grants to provide innovative programs impacting each school and thousands of students in Yarmouth.

Grant in Action

A few of our grant awards include:
  • Electric Car Project – Yarmouth High School
  • Printmaking Press– Yarmouth High School
  • Biology Biotechnology – Yarmouth High School
  • Shellfish Nursery – Harrison Middle School
  • Digital Microscopes – Harrison Middle School
  • Standup & Pedal Desks – Harrison Middle School
  • Water Bottle Filling Stations – Harrison Middle School
  • Salmon Hatchery – Yarmouth Elementary School
  • Girls As Engineers – Yarmouth Elementary School
  • Ukuleles – Yarmouth Elementary School
  • Outdoor Classroom Space – Rowe School
  • Lunchtime Concert Series – Rowe School
  • Contra Dancing Lessons – Rowe School
  • Classroom iPads – Rowe School
  • Robotics – K-12
  • Google Expeditions – K-12
  • 3D Printers – YHS & YES