Current Grants

Announcing our Fall 2019 Grant Winners!

Coding Drones (Yarmouth Elementary School )

Grant applicants:  Todd Abbot with Ryan Gleason 

This YEF grant will give every student at the elementary school the chance to use drones. This exciting opportunity will help teach young students how to code, program, and fly drones. Besides computer science, students will work on math concepts like degrees of angles, velocity, measurement, and more. This hands-on project will be fun and exciting. Students will also play a role in fixing the drone if their intended flight path doesn’t quite work out! Drones are used everywhere today – from delivering packages to exploring the ocean – and Yarmouth students will be one step ahead.

Light, Lenses, & Eye (Yarmouth Elementary School)

Grant applicants:  Deborah Landry with Karin Ney & 3rd Grade Team

New science equipment is coming to YES!

Every third grade classroom will receive innovative tools to help study the human eye. Students will use lasers, lights, and eye models to explore how the eye and brain are connected, why people wear glasses, and much more. Plus! YEF is pleased to provide materials so all third graders can study the inspirational work of Dr. Patricia Bath. Dr. Bath was an African-American woman who grew up in the 1950s in Harlem. She overcame a long list of challenges to become a world-renowned eye surgeon. Teachers will bring together science and social studies for an inspiring unit for every Yarmouth third grader.

Art Meets Climate Science (YES, HMS, & YHS)

Grant applicants: Deborah Landry with Chaké Higgison, 4th Grade Team, Morgan Cuthbert, Holly Houston, and Chris Hill

This grant will impact 400 students and more than a dozen educators! Yarmouth students are learning about the Earth’s changing climate, and its effect on habitats around the globe. This grant brings in climate scientist and working artist Jill Pelto to three Yarmouth schools. Pelto spent years studying glaciers in Antarctica and the northwestern United States. From there, she developed an innovative classroom curriculum that combines artwork with scientific data. Her lessons leave a lasting impact on all kinds of learners – from math and science lovers to creative artists and everyone in between! She will work specifically with all fourth graders, seventh graders, high school art students, and YHS environmental science and marine biology classes as well.

HMS Robotics (Harrison Middle School)

Grant applicants:  Rod Corey

Robotics is coming to 5th grade! Harrison Middle School will be one of the first schools in the state (and perhaps the entire country!) to have this kind of technology in fifth grade classrooms. This grant funds 24 state-of-the-art VEX IQ robotics kits and one robotics challenge field so that all Yarmouth fifth graders are exposed to robotics. Students will work in pairs to build and code their own robots with cutting-edge technology. This exciting program will teach computer science, engineering, math, teamwork, problem solving, and so much more to all fifth grade students.

Boys to Men(Yarmouth High School)

Grant applicants: Jonas Allen with Dylan Thombs & YHS Administrators 

90 high school boys, coaches, and staff members will have the opportunity to attend the nationally-recognized Boys to Men Reducing Sexism and Violence Program. These workshops provide a safe space for students to consider and discuss sensitive and difficult topics that are often avoided. This is a youth leadership program that empowers students to understand and speak out against gender-based harassment, abuse, and violence. Participants will collaborate with school leadership on projects that will help shape school culture. YEF is proud to launch this program this winter. YHS administration hopes to then expand the program to reach even more students next school year.