Current Grants

Announcing our Spring 2019 Grant Winners!

2nd grade LEGO WeDo

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Sets (Yarmouth Elementary School )

Grant applicants:  Second Grade Teachers with Cathy Wolinsky 

A new and exciting version of LEGO Education WeDo is coming to YES!

LEGO WeDo 2.0 will bring innovative STEM challenges to the second grade level. Not only will students be introduced to computer programming at an early age, but these LEGO projects also focus on teamwork, communication, and trial and error. Students will have the opportunity to use LEGO kits with motors and sensors to create moving dump trucks, windmills, race cars, and more. These young learners will be using coding software and robotic skills all while having lots of fun.

Tripods for Art (Yarmouth Elementary School)

Grant applicants:  Chaké Higgison with Cathy Wolinsky 

YES Ipad Tripods for Art

Fourth graders are now movie producers! Students have loved a recent art unit where they use an animated film-making technique called stop motion. Students have also enjoyed making time lapse videos of their artwork. YEF will provide 25 tripods to assist in their film work. YES Art Teacher Chakè Higgison reports children can’t get enough of this visual story making unit, and it’s been a wonderful means of expression for these young artists. It’s engaging all children, and inspiring even the more-reluctant artists. YEF is pleased to provide these new tools to assist the YES art room.


Cathy Wolinski (pictured below) was part of both YES grants. We’ll miss you Cathy! Thank you for applying for many YEF grants over the years.


Cathy Wolinsky

Casco Bay Buoy - 8th gradersCasco Bay Water Quality Buoy (Harrison Middle School & Yarmouth High School)

Grant applicants: 8th grade and 12th grade students with Tom Pitman

YEF is excited to fund a project that will help sea farmers and fisherman in Casco Bay! A group of 8th grade students, alongside their 12th grade mentors, will build a specialized buoy that will monitor pH levels, oxygen levels, and temperature in Casco Bay. This buoy will then send real-time data to students, who will publish the information on a public website. The students will not only have the experience of building the buoy, but it will allow them to study water quality trends in Casco Bay. This information will alert fishermen, clammers, kelp farmers, oyster farmers, and others in our community to water pollution and other conditions. Casco Bay Buoy - Tom Pitman and Ben Cox-Faxon

Self Defense for Yarmouth Girls (Yarmouth High School)

Grant applicants:  Student Eleanor Buchanan with Adam SmithSelf Defense for Yarmouth Girls

The statistics about college campus sexual assault are alarming, and a new program funded by YEF will teach students ways to avoid and escape dangerous situations. Health and Wellness teachers at Yarmouth High School have volunteered to participate in a self defense program (called RAD) that is offered by the Portland Police Department. They will become certified RAD instructors and bring their knowledge back to Yarmouth, and offer self defense classes for high school girls. YEF will fund all of the equipment needed to teach the course.

Motors and MechanismsMotors and Mechanisms (Yarmouth High School)

Grant applicants: Tom Pitman with Paul Lamson-LaPlume 

YEF is thrilled to help launch a new class at Yarmouth High School called Motors and Mechanisms. This course is designed to explore the motorized movements of simple and complex machines. Students will explore topics like gear ratios, levers, pulleys, and more. They will assemble their own machines and solve exciting challenges. The motors will be controlled by programming commands via computer. YEF is pleased to fund the innovative tools needed for this course.