Current Grants

Emergency Covid Grants


Outdoor Classrooms (K-12)
Grant applicant: Dr. Dolloff and school principals

YEF is pleased to fund outdoor classroom space for our entire school community. This grant will impact every student in the Yarmouth School Department. We have funded large tents and awnings outside all school buildings, and we also purchased hemlock tree stumps and folding chairs for seating. These outdoor spaces will allow for mask breaks, lunch breaks, and an innovative classroom setting for students K-12


Innovation For Young Learners (Rowe School)

Grant Applicants: Amy Finnen & Kelly McFarland

Covid restrictions mean all of the cozy area rugs and hard-to-clean comfy chairs in Rowe classrooms are now in storage. YEF is pleased to fund stadium chairs for every kindergarten and first grade student. These chairs are easy to carry and easy to clean. They can be used inside and outside, and they even have a fun pocket to hold favorite books. YEF is also funding fidget and sensory toys for our youngest learners as well. Waiting in line to wash hands, staying six feet apart, and keeping hands off friends is challenging for this age group. We’re happy to help support Rowe School in this important way.

Speech Language Intervention (Rowe School & YES)

Grant applicant: Jenny DiRusso

Yarmouth educators are looking for innovative ways to connect with special needs students during this pandemic. This YEF grant will be helpful, especially in remote settings. Story Champs is a language intervention program that will help teach students the skills needed for age-appropriate speaking, reading, and writing skills. It will help students who receive language-based intervention services such as speech/language, special education, or English Language Learner instruction. Unlike many language intervention programs, Story Champs utilizes stories and activities that are available for both remote and in-person learning. This program will be utilized by all K-4 students receiving speech-language intervention.

Math Intervention (YES)
Grant applicant: Lauren Scribner

Yarmouth Elementary School will have a new tool to help students with special math needs. Providing extra math help in a remote setting can be especially challenging, so YEF is launching the innovative Moving with Math program for grades 2-4. Moving with Math includes specialized printed and virtual materials. It includes individual math tool kits that can be brought home on remote learning days. This allows educators to meet special education academic needs across various platforms, which will be the key to a successful year of learning.

Classroom Microphones (YES)
Grant Applicant: Elke Tate

YEF will provide wireless microphones and voice amplifiers for Yarmouth Elementary School. These lightweight devices will help project teacher voices through masks and over construction noise. These are a proven tool to help students distinguish sounds, tune out distractions, and concentrate on what’s happening in class. These microphones benefit all students but are especially helpful to English Language Learners and students with ADHD, learning challenges, or hearing difficulty. We are excited to pilot this program to see if these devices are a good fit for all teachers this year and beyond.