YEF Annual Friend & Fundraiser |  October 19, 2019

Save the date & book your babysitters!
Join us on Saturday, October 19, at AMVETS for our biggest fundraiser of the year.

2019 Blue Jean Ball

2019 Blue Jean Ball
















YEF Annual Friend & Fundraiser |  October 20, 2018

THANK YOU for a successful event!

We couldn’t do it without our terrific host committee families, our silent auction donors, our sponsors, and the attendees!


  • Cassandra Baker and Anthony Foianini
  • Kyo Bannai and Craig Schneider
  • Kirsten and Scott Buchanan
  • Shawna Chigro-Rogers and Tracy Rogers
  • Lisa and Ben Clark
  • Sarah Cotsen and Drew Watt
  • Cydney and David Cox
  • Sarah and Avery Day
  • Ina and Doug Dressel
  • Casey and Brian Ericson
  • Christina Estabrook and Patrick Dodge
  • Katie and Andy Estabrook
  • Holly and Sean Ferguson
  • Anne and Keith Fleming
  • Lynn and Mike Gawtry
  • Chelsy and Michael Gilroy
  • Rachel Gitelson and Doug Nilson
  • Karen and Doug Grossett
  • Leah and Marcel Guay
  • Laura and Bill Hagedorn
  • Colleen and Jason Hallee
  • Ann and Andrew Hayes
  • Melissa and Tim Hebert
  • Shelley and Brian Jacobs
  • Kristina and Pat Keaney
  • Amanda and Jason Lachance
  • Katie and Eric Leinwand
  • Jennifer and Jason Lenardson
  • Shelley and Scotty Linscott
  • Beth and Ben Lowenstein
  • Tiffany and Andrew Marianski
  • Jill and Sean Marsh
  • Lisa and Ehren Morse
  • Kimberly and Adam Owen
  • Shashi and Tom Panozzo
  • Amy and David Pearl
  • Jennifer and Chris Peters
  • Katie and Ben Redfield
  • Rhonda and Peter Senger
  • Kate and Adam Shub
  • Amy Sinclair and Tux Turkel
  • Dominique and Jeff Sommer
  • Rebecca and Marshall Spear
  • Meg and Geoff Swift
  • Lisa Thomas and Alistair Raymond
  • Suzanne and Nathan Thompson
  • Yasmin and Brit Vitalius
  • Cindy and Joe Walden
  • Jill and Seth Webber
  • Sally and Gabe Weiss
  • Lisa and Jay Wentzell
  • Jenn and Bennett Wilson