Clipper Honors

The Clipper Honors program provides an opportunity for community members to thank and honor any employee of the Yarmouth School Department through a YEF donation.


Clipper Honors is back! Our incredible educators deserve to be honored, and YEF is excited to partner with the wonderful folks at Clayton’s Cafe this spring. It is a great end-of-year gift for any Yarmouth School Department employee.

Donate $25 or more in honor of an educator, and your honoree will receive a YEF certificate of appreciation, a personalized note from your family, and a gift card to Clayton’s Cafe!

It’s simple. Place your order online by June 4. YEF will take care of the rest. It is a thoughtful way to honor teachers, administrators, support staff, bus drivers, and more! YEF volunteers will deliver your gifts on June 8.

Please note if you are purchasing Clipper Honors for multiple educators, you are welcome to pay for them all at once here via PayPal, but feel free to email your information (educator names, schools, and personal messages) to us at  This may help streamline your ordering process.  Thank you!